Williamstown Newport Angling Club Syllabus - 2019/2020

WNAC Syllabus 2019-2020 - Printable PDF

WNAC Syllabus Card 2019-2020 - Printable Card

WNAC Syllabus 2019 2020  
Day Month Date Comp etc. Comments Etc.
Wednesday August 7th AGM / Presentation Night  
Saturday   10th Working bee  
Sunday   11th Working Bee  
Sunday   18th Comp 1 SURF SURF
Sunday September 8th Comp 2   
Sunday   22nd Comp 3   
Sunday October 6th Comp 4   
Saturday   12th Comp 5 PM PM
Saturday   19th UNDERA to WNAC WNAC Host
Sunday   20th UNDERA to WNAC WNAC Host
Sunday   27th Comp 6  Non-boat owner choice 
Sunday November 3rd Comp 7   
Sunday   10th Comp 8 Snapper comp
Sunday   24th Comp 9 MATES DAY
Sunday December 1st Comp 10  
Sunday January 12th Comp 11  
Saturday   19th Comp 11a  
Sunday   20th    
Saturday February 8th Working Bee  
Sunday   9th Working Bee  
Sunday   16th Comp 12  
Sunday March 1st Comp 13 ESTUARY In conjunction with Interclub Masters Comp 
Sunday   8th  Comp 14   
Saturday   14th WNAC to UNDERA Undera Host
Sunday   15th Comp 15 FRESHWATER Nagambie
Sat / Sun April  4th & 5th WNAC to Ballarat Ballarat Host
Sunday   26th Presidents Day  
Sunday May 5th Comp 17  
Saturday   9th Comp 18  
Saturday   23rd  Tuna Trip TBC
Sunday   24th  Tuna Trip TBC
Sunday   31st Comp 19  
Saturday June 13th Reverse Raffle  
Wednesday August 5th  AGM / Presentation Night